Umbrella by Liberty Title is the most secure way to close on your real estate transaction. Customers who choose Umbrella receive enhanced security protections and additional benefits before, during, and after closing.

Umbrella offers protection to our customers, their agents, and their lenders through every phase of the closing process and is provided automatically when Liberty Title closes both sides of your transaction.

Umbrella by Liberty provides the following benefits to the Seller or the Buyer:

Pre-Closing Protection.

Did you know that in 2020, cyber criminals stole over $200 million from 13,638 real estate fraud victims? Before closing, cyber criminals hack emails, impersonate title companies and spoof real estate agents in an effort to trick the participants into sending funds to fraudulent bank accounts that they control.

With Umbrella, all parties have access to ClosingLock, which is the world’s leading online platform for protecting the parties in a real estate transaction from real estate wire fraud. ClosingLock makes it easy for you to securely exchange wire information on a secure, encrypted platform. With real time email/phone/text notifications and integrations with over 11,000 financial institutions you will have peace of mind knowing your money is safe. 

Protection During Closing.

All parties (the Buyer, Seller and their real estate agents) receive coverage under our North American Capacity Insurance Co. cybersecurity insurance policy that provides additional protection for your funds during the closing process and allows for reimbursement of any funds that may be lost due to wire fraud or cybercrime. Unfortunately, cybercrime is on the rise in the real estate industry but this policy protects all parties involved in an Umbrella transaction.

All parties have protection against “The Gap,” which is the time between closing and recording the documents where fraudulent deeds, bankruptcies and other matters connected to the real estate are uncovered. By closing the entire transaction with Liberty Title, we assume all responsibility for any matters that may occur in The Gap, such as bankruptcy, fraud or other liens.

Post-Closing Protection.

The Buyer receives an upgrade to their title policy that will provide coverage against future deed fraud, present code or permit violations, and a host of activities that can happen after the transfer of the property. If a post- closing fraudulent deed is placed on the property, attorneys will work with the homeowner to clear up the matter.

The Sellers and Buyers receive protection from our Proplogix Release Tracking program, which ensures all liens are quickly and accurately released from the property. With Release Tracking, Sellers FICO scores and credit reports are less likely to be negatively affected by old mortgages Buyers will have a clean title for refinancing or a future sale.

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella FAQs

When you enroll in the Umbrella by Liberty program, you can be sure that your money and private information are secure.  Your money and private information (such as social security number, credit history, and all details of the transaction) are all contained with Liberty Title and we are an industry leader in maintaining stringent security protocols and protecting customer data. Our security partnerships include the following:

  • ClosingLock: The premiere platform for wiring funds! With encrypted wire instructions for maximum security and an easy-to-use interface, ClosingLock makes wiring funds seamless while giving peace of mind that your money is safe.
  • LibertyPay: Earnest money deposits can be made on this encrypted, secure, hassle-free platform.
  • DocuSign: A trusted industry leader in getting documents signed securely. Integrated with our security protocol to provide customers with the ease of signing documents digitally – and safely.
  • Resware: Our comprehensive software for file processing. Protects customer data, manages audit thresholds and requirements, and helps us meet underwriter guidelines, state requirements, and the American Land Title Association’s best practices for security.
  • Zix Encrypt: A Microsoft-backed platform that keeps sensitive emails secure. Employs filters to automatically identify sensitive information and trigger email encryption or quarantine.
  • Rynoh-Live: Our partner in financial management that delivers complete oversight of accounts for faster error discovery and correction. Balances our trust account every 20 minutes and allows separate audit eyes “real time” access to this account.
  • Trinet Security: A team of tech professionals who monitor our computer network and constantly updates our firewalls.

All you need to do to enroll in the Umbrella by Liberty program is negotiate with the Buyer or Seller to close both sides of the deal with Liberty Title. This negotiation needs to take place before the sales agreement is signed.

While Federal law provides that in many circumstances you cannot require that a Buyer use Liberty Title, either you or your real estate agent can offer the benefits of Umbrella by Liberty program as an incentive.

You CAN require the Buyer to use Liberty Title if they have requested a “closing cost” credit or “concession.” Just advise them that the credit will be used to pay for their lender’s title policy.

We developed Umbrella by Liberty to fight the phenomenon of split closings (a closing where two title companies handle each side of the deal). In our years of industry experience, we have found time and again that split closings lead to a greater risk of identity theft, wire fraud, and delayed closings for our customers. It is in the best interest of our customers that they request that both sides of the deal are closed with us.

You have the right to choose your own title company. Real estate agents and lenders often receive financial compensation or other benefits from their affiliated title company to refer business. This affiliation works in their favor, not yours. Your title company should have exemplary financial controls, insurance, and data/cyber security protections. It’s your money – make sure it is protected! For information on how to select your own title company, click here.

No! We are an independent title agency that has over 45 years of industry experience. We know how to get deals closed securely and quickly. Our agent and lender clients know and trust us, which is why they refer their business to us for no financial kickback. If we can’t close it, no one can…or should. The financial benefit that comes to our client partners only comes from the good work we do to get deals closed.