Choosing the right Title Company can save you money at the closing table.

You have the right to choose a title company that will get you the best deal. And you have the right to pick an independent company that you can trust to handle what is probably the biggest financial transaction of your life. At Liberty Title, we will “shop” your transaction among available underwriters to give you a fair price on Title Insurance, making sure you get all of the appropriate discounts. We will also give you a fair price on closing services-quoted upfront, with no surprises at the closing table. Our attorneys can also prepare any necessary legal documents for reasonable fees.

Peace of Mind

Liberty Title provides you the quality service and experience you should expect in a title company and closing agent. Our staff averages over 20 years of experience. We are honored and trusted by all of the major title insurance companies. We handle over $500,000,000 of client funds every year. Our reputation for honesty and integrity was built over 49 years of service to Michigan families and businesses.

Please call us at 855-343-8830 to learn how we can save you money at your next closing.