We hope you’ve heard of our new Umbrella program by now and all the great benefits it offers to keep you safe before, during, and after closing. (If you haven’t…be sure to check it out!) Our goal with Umbrella is to keep our customers safe. To best accomplish this, we are always looking for rock stars in the tech and cyber security space. And we certainly found one with our newest partner: SafeChain.

SafeChain is the industry leader in wire fraud prevention software and blockchain implementation for land title. With this partnership, we now offer the most secure way to transfer funds through SafeChain’s innovative SafeWire™ platform.

SafeWire plays a critical role in helping us deliver pre-closing protection to our customers by providing a secure, blockchain-backed portal through which we can communicate wiring instructions. SafeWire™ helps ensure that our customers’ transactions remain fraud-free from start to finish.

So how does it work?

SafeWire provides title agents with the ability to verify the identities of both the Buyer and Seller in the transaction and authenticate bank account ownership to ensure funds are transferred to authorized parties and accounts. In addition, the platform utilizes block-chain technology to securely store and transmit wiring instructions for real estate transactions, preventing fraudsters from intercepting and tampering with transaction data.

Consumer-friendly, easy-to-use, and the extra assurance that a transaction is handled safely – that’s a platform we can get behind.

How can I access SafeWire™?

When you choose to participate in our Umbrella program, you (or your customers!) will conduct all wire transactions through SafeWire™. SafeWire™ is a tent pole benefit of our Umbrella program, which provides you the best protection against a shockingly common – and incredibly devastating – form of cyber fraud.

After all, why risk losing a Seller’s proceeds by agreeing to a split closing? If you’re an agent, why take the chance that your client will lose their funds (and risk taking on the liability of the loss)? Under our Umbrella, you will have the most secure closing process.

With our new partnership, we are reinforcing our commitment to shielding our customers from harm in the homebuying process. We’re certainly excited to offer this new level of protection to our customers and we would love to talk to you about it! Contact us today to learn more.