Liberty Title Testimonials – Plymouth

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Rickey Busler

Rickey Busler

Associate Broker & Realtor

I have always made it my goal to align myself with People, Organizations, and Companies that share my values and goals when it comes to providing the absolute best in Customer Service. That is why I am Proud to say that Liberty Title, and its Employees, is one of the “Corner Stones” of my Business.

Their Employees exceed all measures of expectations. Believe me, I have had to my share of Closings, and it is sometimes embarrassing what some of the other Companies pass off as Customer Service. Not here! Professionals like Christina Kass, Lena Conigiaro, and Heather Berry not only excel in their Job but they Genuinely care about the Realtors and their Clients. I have had pleasure of seeing them go above and beyond their job descriptions to routinely provide the Highest Level of Customer Service. And, in my experience, this is not an uncommon trait throughout Liberty Title.

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