Pull For The House! Our new pop tab charity drive.

Liberty Title has an exciting new charitable initiative for 2019! All of our Michigan locations are now participating in the Pop Tab Collection Program for Ronald McDonald House Charities. Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for the families of critically ill children. The funds generated from recycling aluminum tabs are used to offset the House’s expenses, which allows more families to benefit from their services. How does the pop tab collection program raise money? Pop [...]

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Social Engineering: What kind of scams are out there?

Have you ever heard of a Nigerian bank account scam? You know the one about a Nigerian prince who has just been deposed and now needs your help accessing his inheritance. You’ll get rewarded for your assistance of course! You hand over your bank account details in good faith and *poof* your money disappears and you see no reward. These types of scams have been going on since the mid-1990s and are a common pop culture reference. However, [...]

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Cybersecurity 101 – Back to Basics!

We’ve all heard the stories about digital scammers. Criminals faking wiring instructions, email addresses being hacked, money sent overseas and lost forever. With technology constantly changing and scammers growing more subtle and advanced in their techniques every day, it can feel overwhelming to find ways to protect yourself online. So...let's get back to the basics! Outlined below you will find some basic best practices for ensuring that your most common digital activities are more secure. If you’re looking [...]

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Why 20% Of Homebuyers May Not Sleep Tonight

Let title insurance be your shield when protecting your property rights! We don't want to scare you! Well, not too much anyway... because it's important to us that you know the value of title insurance! Over the 40+ years we have been in business, we've seen it all and know more than anyone the value of a solid owner's policy that protects you and any heirs (i.e. your loved ones). Each year, approximately 20% of homebuyers fail [...]

How Title Insurance Protects All Homebuyers

Whether you’re purchasing a new or existing home, or refinancing, title insurance protects you against any problems affecting the title to your home.  The Basics There are two types of title insurance: the owner’s policy and the lender’s policy. The owner’s policy protects your property rights as the homebuyer, whereas the lender’s policy insures the financial investment of the bank or lender. If someone else claims ownership of your property, title insurance typically defends you legally and financially.  Common [...]

Agent Found Responsible For Wire Fraud Loss; Do You have $200,000 To Spare?!

A Federal Court has upheld a jury’s finding that a real estate agent and broker were 85% responsible for a wire fraud that cost their client $196,622.67 (Bain v. Platinum Realty, LLC, Dist. Court, D. Kansas 2018). Jerry Bain was working with a real estate agent to purchase a property. To fund the purchase, Bain was instructed to wire $196,622.67 to the title company. Unbeknownst to the parties involved, a criminal was intercepting e-mails exchanged between the title company, [...]

Protect Your Money When Buying A Home: How to Protect Yourself From Wire Fraud Schemes

Obviously, buying a home is a big deal – and not just for personal reasons. Most real estate transactions involve a person’s life savings and any criminal access to this information can be devastating. Hackers try to steal money every day by emailing fake wire instructions. One of the most common schemes? Criminals will use a similar email address and steal a logo and other info to make it look like the email came from your real estate agent [...]

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The FAQs of Title Insurance

Buying a house involves lots of decisions, considerations, and, of course, paperwork. One key piece of the process that can get lost in the shuffle is not only purchasing title insurance but also understanding what exactly is title insurance. So let's start with the basics: what is title insurance? Below we have compiled some #title101 questions for homebuyers using concise language that all real estate agents can use when breaking down the basics for their clients. What is title? Title [...]

Why Do I Need Title Insurance? Honest Abe Could Have Answered That!

Talking about title insurance can sometimes seem like a snooze, which can lead to folks brushing past the topic in their closing or not taking the time to research and purchase the best Owner’s Policy for their new place. But wait! Did you know that Abraham Lincoln lost his home (twice!) due to a title issue? Title insurance is a key facet of protecting one of the biggest investments of your life. Check out this little parable from our [...]

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